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Friends & Family Pictures

As of February 23, 2003

Eric, Jay and Neville

Allison and Mark

Our Bridal Party

Eric and I with Kenny and Rody

Dad and I when I received my M.A.

Dina, myself, Allison, Gina and Lenore at my bridal shower

Dad in Universal Studios

Eric, myself, Marla, and Billy in Atlantic City

Myself with Michelle in the Hamptons

Myself with my brother Jay

Our parents

Michelle and Sean

Dina, Allison and myself


Eric and I with Marla, Kenny, Rody and Andy


Myself, Lenore, Allison and Gayle

Debbie, Stacey, myself, and Rody at my bridal shower

Our Moms


Myself with Stacey

Kenny and I

Pam and I

Lisa and I

Marla and I on the night of my bachelorette party

Myself with my Mom when I was 16

Eric and I with his parents

Julie, Harley, Betsy, Jacob, Jeff, Samantha, Marc, Katie, Lisa, myself and Eric at Debbie and John's wedding weekend

Eric, myself, and Kenny

Eric's Mom, myself, my Mom, Mickey and my Dad at The Disney Store in NYC

Gina, Dina, myself, Allison, and Mr. Met at The Diamond Club in Shea Stadium

Myself, Allison, Dina, and Karen

Lenore, myself, Allison, and Dina